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The following article was originally published in the third edition of TRUE Anguilla magazine in 2016.

“He’s the reason we came back to Anguilla.”

A direct quote from Lori and Anthony Giannico, the couple who came to say “hi” to singer/songwriter Omari Banks and his beautiful daughter Somaya during our cover shoot on Shoal Bay East.

They had heard him perform on their first visit to the island and decided to return for the launch of his debut album, “Move On,” in 2013. It’s clear Omari has that effect on a lot of people.

Photo by: KSharp Media

A former West Indian Cricket star, and son of the legendary musician Bankie Banks, Omari has generated a devoted fan base of tourists and locals after performing in venues all over Anguilla. Judging by the response to his recent European Tour, with iconic reggae group Morgan Heritage, he will soon do the same internationally.

We were lucky to catch him for our shoot a few weeks before he was due to go to Jamaica to record his second album – expected in early 2016. Catch a performance of Omari Banks and his band “Eleven” while you can, because although he continues to perform in Anguilla, he will be increasingly in demand around the world.

Omari travels widely, and wherever he goes he is an ambassador for his island – originally as the first Anguillian to play for the West Indies cricket team, and now as a performer.

Photo by: KSharp Media

Omari thinks Anguilla’s appeal to visitors is two-fold.

First there’s the genuine friendliness visitors encounter, and secondly because “People come here and they don’t feel bothered, it’s not over populated or overcrowded, it’s peaceful.”

You can buy Omari’s debut album, “Move On,” at many shops in Anguilla or find him on iTunes.

If you would like updates and information about his upcoming album, on island performances and tour schedule visit

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