How to celebrate a holiday in Anguilla

During the Easter weekend (Saturday and Sunday), Festival Del Mar draws everyone to Island Harbour village for delicious seafood, live music, fishing competitions and more. On Easter Monday (also a public holiday), the anticipated A-Class Egbert Connor Boat Race begins and ends at Sandy Ground. If a quiet Easter weekend is preferred, Easter brunch, lunch or dinners are served at restaurants.

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When I met Anguilla

As we turned into the old Sonesta, he gave a theatrical wave toward open and spacious Rendezvous Bay. Its plush white sand and unbelievable turquoise water sparkled in the late-afternoon sun. ‘Now you know,’ he said. Which I always have taken to mean: Now you know our fierce pride in what we have, and in our own worth, and if you respect that, we will share our wisdom with you, in time.

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Zambezi’s Daughters

The etiquette of Anguilla has quiet echoes of its colonial past. A simple ‘hi’ is not appropriate when meeting someone. One must always greet with a proper acknowledgement corresponding to the sun’s position in the tranquil sky. ‘Good morning’, ‘good afternoon’ and ‘good night’ are all considered suitable salutations and must be uttered when entering a space or before any query or request.

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Where friends are family

Anguilla is an island not just known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters, but for its unique sense of community and the strong bonds that exist among its residents. These bonds are, of course, due in part to a shared history.

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Island Insurance – Insuring your future in Anguilla

In Anguilla you will come face to face with your insurance broker and real estate agent on a regular basis, in the restaurants, on the beaches and often in the supermarket. All in all, it is in everyone’s best interests to offer you the dream home or insurance solution you need.

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Tonya & Brandon Rhodes Living The Dream

Brandon and Tonya Rhodes from Pennsylvania have been coming to Anguilla for 13 years. A chance meeting with Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards, who gave Brandon his card, told him Anguilla was special and encouraged him to try it out for his next Caribbean vacation – which led to Brandon booking Spyglass Hill Villa for Tonya’s birthday.

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LOVE Anguilla

One night I came upon a Travel and Leisure with a cover that said, simply: ‘Most Beautiful Beaches in the World’. Anguilla was featured prominently and the lead picture was of Shoal Bay East – a long and nearly empty sweep of white sand with a few palm trees at the far end.

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There has been a gratifying boom in locally made products and shopping experiences in Anguilla, so look beyond your hotel boutique for your souvenirs.

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Mimi Gratton & Amelia Vanterpool

Born Anguillian, Amelia worked her way up from being the first-ever employee at the newly conceived Tourism Offices (in 1978) to ultimately becoming the Director of Tourism at the Anguilla Tourist Board. Anguillian by nurture, Mimi is a native (bilingual) French Canadian, who spent many years as the Executive Director of the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association. In their complimentary public and private sector roles they cemented an enduring friendship and professional relationship based on a love of their island home and mutual support of Anguilla’s innovative “High value/Low volume” tourism plan.

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