Introducing TRUE Anguilla Issue 8

This special issue of TRUE Anguilla is all about love: that our visitors feel for Anguilla and her people and that Anguillians, and those who choose to live here, feel for the place we call home.

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Love is in the air, love is all you need, love is a many splendoured thing, love makes the world go round – and it’s clear that it’s a deep, abiding love for this small island nation that brings visitors back to Anguilla time, after time, after time.

Inside This Issue

Brandon and Tonya Rhodes from Pennsylvania have been coming to Anguilla for 13 years. A chance meeting with Ian ‘Sugar George’ Edwards, who gave Brandon his card, told him Anguilla was special and encouraged him to try it out for his next Caribbean vacation – which led to Brandon booking Spyglass Hill Villa for Tonya’s birthday.

One night I came upon a Travel and Leisure with a cover that said, simply: ‘Most Beautiful Beaches in the World’. Anguilla was featured prominently and the lead picture was of Shoal Bay East – a long and nearly empty sweep of white sand with a few palm trees at the far end.

"Endless Turquoise will take you on holiday from real life as you voyage to Zephyr, a Caribbean idyll, replete with stunning beaches, luxurious hotels and comic cultural exchanges."

Blue Sea Anguilla is passionate about Anguilla and make it their business to show guests the very best the island has to offer.


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My summer memories in Anguilla are flooded with days that were filled with leaping off the wharf in Sandy Ground.

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