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In the middle of Mead’s Bay you will find a restaurant where the team are as beloved as the delicious food and cocktails they serve!

In TRUE Anguilla’s opinion one of the best things about Straw Hat is its consistency: the fresh and always good food, well-mixed drinks, brilliant beach service and, most importantly, its service – particularly the way that team make you feel. They exemplify true Anguillian hospitality.

Don’t be surprised if Straw Hat family members, like Shane, Renee, Shay, Jahida, Armel, Rosie, Doris, Lester and Shelly (to name but a few) ask after your family or recall small details like what you love on the menu, or which beach chair is your favourite.

There is a different menu for breakfast, lunch, late afternoon and dinner, as well as a dedicated kid’s menu. All items are available to take out too.

Many locals choose to celebrate their milestone events at Straw Hat (let them know if it’s your birthday and be prepared for someone to sing to you).

Intimate diners or large groups will be looked after equally well, and if you want to reserve sunbeds for the entire family you can do so – just make sure to call and book in advance.

Guests can relax their lounge chairs while enjoying food and cocktails. All Photo’s in this article by JAustin Pro

Incredibly, this always young-at-heart family favourite is entering its 27th year and, as far as we’re concerned, Straw Hat, like fine wine, only improves with age.

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