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Living your dream life in Anguilla is all about the people you connect with along the way, and you will be happy to connect Chantal and the friendly and professional team at Island Insurance.

When you live in Anguilla you will come face to face with your insurance broker and real estate agent on a regular basis, – in the restaurants, on the beaches and buying groceries in the supermarket. And, it’s in everyone’s best interests to offer you the dream home or insurance solution you need.

Chantal Piazzi is the face of Island Insurance located in South Hill. You may also know her as the owner of Italian restaurant, Trattoria Tramonto.

She explains that ‘Island Insurance Ltd. is an insurance agency, which is different from a broker. What this means is that we underwrite for one company, not many. We are agents for Caribbean Alliance Insurance Company Ltd. (CAIC). A very important fact to consider when choosing an insurance company is their financial standing.

Anguilla, as well as other islands in the Caribbean due to our geographical location, is susceptible to significant damage in the event of an earthquake or hurricane, basically a catastrophic peril, which can affect our properties and infrastructure.

CAIC holds an AM Best Financial Strength Rating of A Excellent, the highest rating in the Caribbean. Having insurance means that you are guaranteed compensation for specified losses or damage.

Island Insurance stands by their promise to assist you every step of the way from a site visit of your property, to offering the best affordable rate; from walking you through each and every loss (and thus claim) to insuring a fair and satisfactory settlement.’

Chantal and sons, Johnny and Ali, on the beach at their popular, family run Italian restaurant Trattoria Tramonto.

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