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If you are missing Anguilla and love to read, we can help you get a fix right now! Look out for signed copies of all these books in the boutiques and gift shops. Follow the Authors to find out about special events and book signings.

Immerse yourself in … a page turning beach read

Endless Turquoise a delightful beach read by the Publisher of True Anguilla magazine, Trudy Nixon. She describes it as a feel-good travel romance with hidden depths.

Book Cover Endless Turquoise by Trudy Nixon
The cover for Endless Turquoise features an illustration by Esme Mackenzie @illustratesme

Much of the action is set on a fictional Caribbean Island called Zephyr (which bears quite the resemblance to your favourite island). So, if you would like to be swept away to sunnier climbs on a cold winter’s day – this may be the book for you.

The book is gathering rave reviews and one recent Amazon reviewer wrote, ‘This is a light and highly entertaining read. I tore through it in one sitting and am already impatient for the next instalment. The author manages to include the setting so beautifully, you will feel as though it’s one of the characters. But beware of the side effects! They include strong longings for aqua blue ocean, rum punches, and holiday romances!

And also that is ‘Beautifully written and transported me back to the Caribbean islands.’

Where to buy Endless Turquoise

To purchase Endless Turquoise internationally visit Amazon in ebook or paperback from.

You can also purchase signed copies of the book at the Coral Reef Book Store, the Lynne Bernbaum Art Gallery, Les Grands Vins des France and various hotel properties. Look out for one of her regular book signing events.

For more information on the author and to sign up to her newsletter for news on the next book in the series visit Trudy’s website.

Delve Deeper into Anguilla’s Past

If you are interested in Anguilla’s history particularly our revolution) and prefer your fiction more literary read Montague Kobbe’s acclaimed first novel, Night of the Rambler .

Publishers Weekly describe Montys writing as having ‘grace notes that echo Marquez…” and got on to say that readers, “…will be rewarded with the little-known tale of how the underdog country demanded its own place in the 20th century.”

The Night of the Rambler by Montague Kobbe

Find out what it takes to linger longer in Anguilla

If your 2021 plans include permanently relocating to Anguilla and building your own dream home you should check out One Way Ticket .

Available for some time as a paperback only it recently became available as an eBook on Amazon.

It tells the real-life story of how Melinda and her husband Terry made the move from the USA. To purchase One Way Ticket as an eBook, go here.

To learn more about Melinda and her life in Anguilla or to get more intel on how you can buy a home in Anguilla read any of our Living the Dream articles.

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