Living in Anguilla

Still The One

Melinda Goddard and Terry Brady fell in love with Anguilla in 1990. “I’ve kept a photo of that first cottage on my desk ever since. Just a glance centers you all over again,” she reflects when asked about discovering the island. As chronicled in, One Way Ticket: From America to Anguilla, they traded hectic corporate jobs for “remote” consulting and mentoring in 2002.

Melinda and Terry

Working where many vacation, they embraced this “sophisticated, eclectic paradise and people” as their only home. What do they love most after all these years? “Friendships we never thought possible… and the serenity of morning walks on Shoal Bay, where the sandpipers ‘scissor skitter’ at the water’s edge.”

What’s next? “We’ll celebrate 40 years together in 2020. I love him more than oxygen and still love Anguilla. You could say ‘still the One’ about both!”

Setting Up Home

Visit the team at the Kobbe Design shop in The Valley for inspiration. They represent an impressive selection of stylish office furniture and window treatments as well as tried and tested Caribbean weather appropriate furniture from trusted brands out of USA, Brazil, Canada and Italy.

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