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Anguilla is now offering two different Residency-By-Investment Programmes: the High Value Resident (HVR) Programme for tax residency and the Residence-by-Investment (RBI) Programme for permanent residency.

A recent article in Global Citizen magazine says that “Anguilla… has become the ultimate destination where luxurious living meets financial freedom” and that the island’s “two Residency-by-Investment Programmes bring opportunity within and freedom beyond for ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHNWI) whose lifestyle is unbound to a single location.”

An official agency called Select Anguilla has been set up to administer these initiatives for the Government of Anguilla. The agency will provide guidance in the first instance and ultimately bring legitimacy and integrity to the programmes through strict due diligence background checks. Select Anguilla is supported by key players in the investment migration industry — Arton Capital, Latitude Group and Apex Capital.

UHNWIs wishing to take advantage of Anguilla’s HVR programme must: pay US$75,000 per year in annual worldwide income tax to Anguilla’s Treasury; own and maintain property in Anguilla valued over US$400,000; establish links with Anguilla such as bank accounts and memberships; spend a minimum of 45 days in Anguilla annually; and declare not to have spent over 183 days in any other sole country.

Individuals or families interested in the RBI programme can either make a contribution to the island’s Capital Development Fund starting at US$150,000 or purchase real estate at a minimum value of US$750,000.

If you would like to learn more about these programmes, visit

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