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Samantha Boyce Kentish shares her tips on getting the perfect wedding makeup in Anguilla.

Photo by: KSharp Media

Sam is a makeup artist and owner of Storm Jordan Productions as well as being the Creative Director at KSharp Media, the island’s leading wedding photography and videography agency.

Sam says:

Your wedding is one of the most important and memorable days of your life. As you spend time figuring out the finest details, be sure to think about your makeup artist as well.

Whatever you do, unless you are skilled at it, don’t do your own makeup that day!

Here are some tips to help select the best professional for you:

Research them

Anguilla has a number of professional makeup artists. Take a look at their websites and Instagram accounts to see examples of previous work. My website has examples of the work I do and a list of previous, happy clients.

Make a phone call and feel them out

Find someone you get good vibes from. He or she will spend a fair amount of time with you, so make sure you can have a conversation and feel at ease with that person.

Photo by: KSharp Media

Find Inspiration

Search sites like Pinterest or Instagram for makeup looks that you like.

Do a trial

Meet with your artist and try out your makeup look. Your artist should be able to tweak the look and customize it to suit your face.

Speak Up

If you love it or hate it, let your artist know. A professional artist will listen to you and make adjustments based on any allergies, sensitivities – or simply your opinion – to give you the best result and make you look beautiful.

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