Intimate Retreats: Almond Tree Villa

Almond Tree Villa is a unique one bedroom villa, overlooking Seafeathers Bay in Anguilla, that is perfect just for two!

Almond Tree is compact, yet spacious and offers all the usual villa amenities; swimming pool, entertaining space, lounge, kitchen and bathroom – even a crow’s nest with spectacular views for sun-downers.

This one bedroom villa was designed by two Anguilla experts, Sue and Joe Polak, long-time visitors who saw a gap in the market to cater to those who want the privacy and space of a villa, but only need one bedroom.

One Bedroom Almond Tree Villa Anguilla
Ariel Shot of one bedroom Almond Tree Villa, Anguilla

We asked Sue and Joe…

What is the most relaxing thing about Almond Tree?
Enjoying the 24/7 breezes, while absorbing the panoramic Caribbean seascape from the villa’s crow’s nest .

What is the thing you feel makes Almond Tree unique?
Almond Tree Villa was designed exclusively for couples; it’s the only one bedroom villa on Anguilla that provides the complete upscale villa experience, without unused rooms, spaces or added costs.

List 3 of your favourite experiences in Anguilla
1) Sunday at Gwen’s Reggae Grill – Always a great afternoon!
2) Sunset drinks at Everett’s Pelican Bar (Island Harbour).
3) Take-out food from Paper’s BBQ (East End) and Eat Slow – Feed Long (North Hill).

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