Best Beach Breakfast EVER

Start your day with a smile at Straw Hat. This Anguilla breakfast by the beach experience is second to none. Signature dishes like the Meads Bay Frittata and Lobster Eggs Benedict and (new for the season) Waffles with Lox make for a truly luxurious start to the day – added bonus, you get to spend time with Renee, Shane and the other members of the Straw Hat Family!

Shane and Renne Straw hat
Straw Hat Family Members Shane and Renee

You can indulge in a little shopping as well, as the restaurant boasts a huge selection of straw hats, t-shirts, caps and, new for the season, beach bags and towels. Off island? You can now order and ship Straw Hat merchandise internationally from their website. And if you have little ones, check out the cute onesies. Owner Peter says, “Straw Hat has been dressing up our clients’ kids for 23 years!”

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