Anguilla Beach Intel

If your favorite way to relax is to visit as many of Anguilla’s beautiful beaches as you can, here’s a little information on a lot of them.


Captain’s Bay is a wildly beautiful beach you can expect to have to yourself – swimming not recommended.

Windward Point is the island’s most easterly beach and it is wild, windswept and reached via a beautiful hike through sand dunes and rocky terrain.

Blolly Ham Bay is the home of “The Arch” and is an area of outstanding beauty. Best visited by boat.

Lockrum Bay on the Caribbean side, with offshore reefs and views of St Martin, is home to a few select villas like Beaches Edge.

Long Pond Bay is quiet and peaceful and has stunning views to “Flat Island” and St Barths. You can enjoy lots of bird life on the nearby salt pond.

Auntie Doll Bay is a little visited beach that is great for shelling; it’s also a romantic spot to watch the lights come up over St Martin.

Corito Bay is quiet, secluded and protected by a high reef. Good for walking and beach-combing.

West End Bay, a secluded gem bounded by coral reefs with rock pools for exploring and peace and quiet for daydreaming.

Katouche Bay, backed by an ancient forest with mangroves, is a historically rich bay on the Atlantic. You can trek to secret caves (with a guide!), watch crashing waves and find wonderful fossils – a nature lover’s delight!


Maundays Bay, legendary crescent shaped beach on the Caribbean Sea, home of Cap Juluca – has wonderful swimming and snorkeling.

Shoal Bay East, world famous white powder sand beach with fabulous swimming, excellent snorkeling and many dining options. It’s also the home of Zemi Beach House and Shoal Bay Villas.

Crocus Bay, sweeping bay with Anguilla’s tallest cliffs offers excellent swimming and snorkeling and is a popular anchorage for visiting mega yachts. Celebrate life here at DaVida’s.

Meads Bay, a jewel of a beach and home of many luxurious properties, famous restaurants, incredible sunsets and the August Thursday Boat Race.

Shoal Bay West, home of Trattoria Tramonto, offers great sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming and superb shelling.

Sandy Hill Bay, a quietly beautiful stretch of sand backed by gorgeous homes like Bird of Paradise. Enjoy stunning views of sparkling reefs and neighbouring islands.

Long Bay, home of ultra-luxury properties including Long Bay Villas, Santosha and Quintessence, boasts deep white sand and swimming on calm days in its blue, blue waters.

Island Harbour is the village beach & home of Festival del Mar and Scilly Cay. Sip a beer and watch fishermen bring in their catch as pelicans dive the sparkling reef.

Cove Bay, a glorious stretch of white sand, is wonderful for beachcombing, kite surfing, dog walking and horseback riding, with dunes and salt pond.

Little Bay, Anguilla’s most famous “secret,” and accessed by kayak, boat, rock scramble or rope climb only.

Savannah Bay, “Where Happiness Awaits” at Nat’s Palm Grove, is perfect for kite surfing (experienced kiters only) walking and beach combing.

Road Bay (aka Sandy Ground) a safe harbour on the Atlantic Ocean, anchorage for pleasure craft, cargo ships and fishing vessels. Home of Boat Race, Summer Festival and many bars and restaurants.

Rendezvous Bay, beloved stretch of turquoise and gold on Caribbean side, home of CuisinArt, Moonsplash and the Sunshine Shack, here you can walk the beach, sunbathe and lime all day.

Barnes Bay, a beautiful sunset spot with sandy cliffs and the Four Seasons Resort at the eastern end and luxury villas and a picturesque cove to the west.

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